3 Advantages to Using a Vitamin C Serum

So you’ve heard that vitamin C is good for you. But did you know that using a topical serum as opposed to ingesting a supplement could actually harbor even more benefits? Here are three advantages to using a vitamin C serum:

No More Reminders

Keeping a schedule updated to account for every supplement in your routine can be exhaustive, and forgetting to take a pill a couple days in a row can make you feel unlike yourself. Forget the pills altogether and simply add a step to your current facial routine! A vitamin c serum is a liquid that is easy to apply onto a clean face or body. Don’t worry about mixing your moisturizer with it; it won’t affect the absorption of the vitamin C. Use it once in the morning, and forget about it!

You Can Never Have Too Much

When directly ingesting vitamin C you have to be constantly conscious of how much you take. While it isn’t extremely harmful to your overall health, exceeding more than 2000 mg of it daily can create bad stomachaches and vomiting. However, with a serum, this threat is eliminated. Your skin will absorb as much of the vitamin as it needs, and the rest will be eliminated from the body or simply not absorbed!

Save Some Money

Constantly replenishing your stock of vitamins is a costly endeavor for improved health. A bottle of 75 capsules will only last so long, comes at a high price tag. The serum is the more cost effective choice in this situation. A typical vial of serum holds anywhere from 1.5ml to 8ml of concentrated product, and will last the consumer a significantly longer amount of time. You only need a small drop of product for each use, and won’t have to replace your stock as often.

Instead of sticking with your routine, give the serum a try. Many people who try it claim that it has even more noticeable effects than the capsules! What do you have to lose? If you have any questions or concerns, head to your local department store beauty counter.