Looking On The Bright Side of Counseling

A Quick Guide to Counseling Psychology

Counseling is the process of receiving assistance through advice from an expert, on problems being faced by an individual or a group of people. The person who gives counseling services and who has relevant academic qualifications on the topic being handled is called a counselor. To many people counseling services are synonymous with marital problems, drug abuse and other vices that bedevil individuals or groups of people. This is not entirely true since people may seek counseling services for other reasons that may not be necessarily negative.

The process of counseling starts with people accepting that there is an aspect of their lives that poses a herculean challenge to them. It is very difficult for a counselor to carry out counseling services on people who live in denial. This implies that counseling services are offered on willing persons who and also willing to accept that they are facing challenges in their lives.

Counselors use different methods while at work. First is the one to one meeting where the counselor meets one client at a time for a personalized exclusive interaction. Secondly, the counselor may engage a group of clients who are willing to share their problems in a group discussion. Lastly, the counselor might choose to issue tasks that the group of clients with similar difficulties will carry out together under no supervision.

Counseling services are sought for different reasons. Counseling services are sought when major events that impact negatively on people’s lives happen. These events may include: divorce or separation, financial problems, and unprecedented health conditions. Marital issues, financial constraints and health conditions lead to depression which is another reason that leads people to seek counseling services.

Much as it seems a normal issue, anxiety is a big reason why many people seek counseling services. Some people do seek counseling so as to be able to face first time public speaking sessions and to be able to handle their life phobias like catching a flight. The counselor is then faced with the task of helping them to build confidence and demystify the task at hand.

Research shows that addiction is the main issue that seeks youths to seek counseling services the world over. Youth addictions may be in form of prolonged drug abuse, sex addiction and alcoholism. Serious consequences may bedevil youths who suffer from low self-esteem. It is therefore advisable that such youths seek timely counseling services.

It is good to note that in the twenty first century, life moves very fast creating pressure on people hence necessitating people to seek counseling services. Experts do advise that any person should seek counseling on even the smallest problems faced for healthy living.