A New Program To Battle Chronic Kidney Disease

Kidney disease is an epidemic in this country. Many neighborhoods need one or more dialysis clinics to service all the people suffering from this condition. Unfortunately, people with chronic kidney disease must have dialysis in order to live. There may be hope on the horizon for those with this potentially fatal condition.

Healthy people are born with two functioning kidneys, located in the back below the rib cage. The kidneys are bean-shaped and contain millions of tiny nephrons responsible for filtering the blood. The filtered waste is passed from the kidneys to the bladder and eventually leaves the body. Kidney disease has two forms: acute and chronic. Acute kidney disease comes on quickly like a urinary tract infection. Another example of acute kidney disease occurs when the nephrons are damaged by kidney stones. Chronic kidney disease occurs over years in people with conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes. Early signs of chronic kidney problems include fatigue, itchy skin and high blood pressure. Itchy skin is a result of toxins that are retained by the body.

People with Chronic kidney disease have two choices. They can either go on dialysis or get a kidney transplant. Most people will have to go on dialysis until a kidney becomes available for transplant. Australian researcher, Duncan Capicchiano, has come up with a program aimed at reversing kidney disease. Capicchiano co-founded a holistic clinic in Melbourne after his wife became ill with kidney disease. A growing number of people want to try holistic methods to treat this disease. Dialysis is very debilitating, and patients feel they are constantly hooked to a machine. The program, The Kidney Disease Solution, helps people cope mentally, physically and emotionally. It is an all-in-one program that provides everything needed to reverse the disease and improve kidney function.

The program includes a variety of products, including ancient remedies and modern treatments. In addition, the treatment is tailored for each individual’s needs. A comprehensive nutrition plan spells out what foods should be eaten to help the kidneys heal. Patients also receive help for depression, which often accompanies chronic illnesses. Most people who suffer from kidney disease are looking for alternative treatment methods. Go online and learn about this valuable program.