Art Therapy in a Residential Environment

The 21st century has ushered in a new way of theories regarding the ways to treat certain conditions. Art therapy is a field that has flourished recently, and specialists use it to address a multitude of needs. Young people from the ages of 12 to 18 attend Lava Heights Academy for assistance in coping with their personal struggles. They will live at the facility, which helps to provide them with a fresh start and atmosphere. Also, professionals use art therapy programs to help address their needs. These programs come in a variety of forms, and professionals help youngsters to pick the ones that are best for them.

Studying an art at the Lava Heights Academy center has manifold benefits to offer. Many of the young people here are struggling with their self confidence. They may feel as though they have failed in so many different ways, but when they find an art, they can begin to refine their skills and to build up their personal sense of motivation. They may discover that have a talent with a particular type of painting, or they may find that with the right lessons, they can be wonderful singers and actors. Learning that they have the ability to achieve greatness is powerful.

A number of the young people at this center are struggling with anger, frustration, or other negative emotions. When they feel these emotions, they may take them out in ways that are harmful for their bodies. They may abuse drugs or alcohol, for example. Yet when the creative door is opened, they can find another avenue for their frustrations. They may learn how to create drawings that express their emotions when they are feeling sad, or they may earn that dancing is a wonderful way to relieve some of their energy when they are angry.

These creative arts do not only provide them with outlets for expression, however. They also allow them to take something that has proven negative in their lives and channel it into something positive. That is one of the overall goals of their time in treatment: to learn how to rise above their circumstances.