Choose the Best Spider Vein Treatment: Direct Vision Sclerotherapy

Varicose veins can come in many sizes; spider veins are the smallest and appear as blue or red blood vessels on various parts of the body, though they are found in large numbers on the chest, legs, face, and/or abdomen. They get their name due to their extreme thin appearance and the fact that they often appear in patters reminiscent of the webs spiders make or the patterns of thin tree branches. They can also appear in unconnected bunches or lines. They may be referred to as broken or burst capillaries.

While spider veins in and of themselves usually do not pose increased health risks, those that appear on the lower legs, ankles or feet, can be an indication of a more serious venous condition, and should always be checked by a medical professional. In these instances, the spider veins are fed by larger veins that need immediate attention.

The most effective treatment for spider veins is direct vision sclerotherapy. A detergent solution (sclerosant) is injected into the vein, which causes the wall of the diseased veins to collapse, over time the veins harden and are reabsorbed into the body. In most cases the veins appearance disappears within the first three months after treatment, though some cases may take longer.

You should always inquire about the source of your spider veins, treating the smaller veins without treating the large feeder vein can cause veins to reoccur, leave permanent discoloration of the skin, cause ulcers at the treatment site, and even cause the veins to spread.

Since the needles used to inject the vein collapsing solution are so tiny, there is little if any pain reported by patients. Though some report that there is a slight sting that quickly fades. Since treatments are performed in an outpatient setting, there is no need for a hospital stay.

It is important to choose a qualified vein center to treat your spider veins and that they do a full assessment of your condition prior to pursuing any treatment. A full service provider will be thorough in their assessment and advise you if you need more advanced treatment for feeder veins.