Choose Your Health Products With Care

There are a lot of great products on the market that can help you to look, feel, and live better. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of things that will just waste your money, or even make you sick. To buy the right health products for your needs, it helps to start out with an understanding of how they are regulated and marketed, so that you can look for the things that are worth your time and investment.

Anything that’s being marketed as a supplement doesn’t have to prove that it is effective, or even safe, before going onto the market. If you walk around looking at the bottles in a health and nutrition store, you’ll see a lot of very carefully worded claims as a result. Supplements can say that they’re intended to do something like support healthy heart function, but they can’t cross the line into actually claiming that they treat a specific disease. If they did that, they would be advertising themselves as medical treatments and drugs, and the FDA would regulate them much more tightly. This is a big concern to manufacturers, because most supplements haven’t been approved in any sense as treatments for a disease, and few companies have the resources that would be needed to make that happen.

This doesn’t mean that they’re ineffective for disease. Many people have gotten good results using artichoke leaf to boost their liver function, for example. It’s more of a legal issue. Medical treatments have to go through an incredibly expensive testing process before they can be approved. With herbs and extracts, it’s impossible to patent anything, so no single company has an incentive to go ahead and pay for this kind of testing. As a result, even things that have solid research behind them aren’t officially approved to be marketed for what we know they can do.

Smart consumers take the time to look at information about the supplements and herbs that interest them, and learn about what sources are reliable. Once you get a feel for how research is reported and which sources of information you can trust, it becomes a lot easier to choose products for your health that will really do what you need from them.