Does Energy Healing Really Work?

What does energy healing have in common with Einstein’s monumental discovery of quantum physics? They both recognize that energy is everywhere; our bodies contain layers of energy. Science can measure the electromagnetic fields from people, computers and cell phones. Every bodily system runs on electricity or energy. In fact, people worry about too much energy; no one wants to live underneath high tension wires.

5,000 Years Before Einstein

  • The existence of energy was recognized in India more than 5,000 years ago. They called it Prana or universal energy, the basic component of life. It took 5,000 years for Einstein to validate this principle for Western science.
  • The Chinese, at about the same time as the Indians, discovered Ch’i or ki, saying that all matter has two opposite forces, yin and yang. When these forces are balanced, the body is healthy. Acupuncture is one method of balancing these opposite forces.
  • Dr. Wilhelm Reich was a famous psychiatrist in the 1930s. He noticed that all living beings shared an energy connection he called orgone. For 40 years, he pursued this discovery; however, although his work in psychiatry is still recognized for its worth, his work on energy was banned in the U.S. The FDA burned his books and journals.

Energy Healing Recognizes the Mind/Body Connection

Energy healing is based upon thousands of years of work by healers who knew that there was a connection between energy, the mind and the body. They developed many techniques, including Reiki, tapping therapy, qi gong and tong ren. Just as we manipulate energy when we turn a light on, the healers manipulate energy for healing. Energy healing is used to complement Western medicine and promote healing, but is not recommended as someone’s only source of health care.

The Studies

  • In 2006 and 2008, very stressed lab rats were divided into two groups, half receiving real Reiki treatments and half fake Reiki. The rats with real Reiki improved, while the other group did not.
  • Between 1993 through 2006, a number of studies rated Reiki as Satisfactory or Excellent for reducing pain in hospital patients.
  • New York Presbyterian Hospital includes Reiki in their Integrative Healing Program.
  • 25 controlled studies in 2009 concluded that there was moderate to strong evidence that Reiki supported healing.

For 5,000 years, healers have used energy to promote health and well-being. To learn more, visit Discover for yourself the healing power of energy.