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For years the beauty industry was all about the creams and lotions you should be using on your skin. You may have noticed over the last few years that you are hearing more and more about serums. What is the difference between serums and lotions, and what can they do to help improve your skin?

Lotions and creams are great at providing moisturizing ingredients to your skin, along with other functions, such as sun block. Depending on their ingredients, they may even help to lock in the moisture for longer, so that your skin won’t dry out as fast. What they are not very good at doing is penetrating your skin to deliver the ingredient you need. This is where serums come in. The molecules in serums are smaller, meaning they are better able to penetrate your skin and get the helpful ingredients down to where they are needed.

Now you need to know what type of serum you need to get the results you are looking for. There are serums made to do many things. However, there is usually only one purpose to each serum. You can layer more than one type of serum over the other, but probably no more than three should be used to get the best results.

Some types of serums are made to brighten your skin. These can be helpful to use on dark age spots to lighten them. Other serums are made to prevent or reduce the signs of aging by improving or preventing the cause of wrinkles and fine lines. Still others are made to help clear up or prevent acne.

According to, one of the best ingredients for in a serum for those who are looking to keep their skin looking as young as they feel is hyaluronic acid. This is a natural product that your body produces more of when you are young. It helps to promote the production of collagen and help to keep your body producing new, healthier skin cells. If slowing down the signs of aging is your what you are looking for, finding a serum that includes this ingredient should be your goal.