Heartburn Relief at Night Proves Possible and Simple

Heartburn is something millions of Americans face and it seems to be a chronic nuisance. Whether at night or during the day, it never seems to go away.

Below are a few quick tips to avoid heartburn at night. This should be done in addition to any sort of medication a doctor may prescribe or something that is used over the counter to relinquish heartburn.

  1. Stay away from late night eating: Those late night snacks are killers to accentuating heartburn at night. It is even worse with hearty meals right before bed, or something that is high in calories or cholesterol, such as pasta. It is usually advised to stay away from eating up to three hours before going to bed.
  1. Keep the body elevated: When one is laying flat, stomach acids can actually reach up into the bottom of the esophagus. To relive heartburn in even the smallest of ways, keep the upper body slightly elevated. This way, the acids are kept to the stomach and properly used to digest in full.
  1. No caffeine and alcohol: many people may struggle with this, because both of these elements can be quite addictive and important to get through the day. Alcohol has a lot of problems that go beyond accentuating heartburn. Alcohol is acceptable in moderation, but if one wants to find fast heart relief, it may be wise to just avoid it entirely. Caffeine should stay out of the diet in all, but if it is necessary keep it contained in the first half of the day.
  1. Antacids on hand: Antacids are useful, and many people with consistent heartburn have them on hand. But there is recent discussion that an antacid could actually cause a dependency and will alter the long term heartburn. There really is not enough evidence to support this idea, and many claim it is just plain false. Antacids in moderation are wonderful tools. Stick to one a day.

To learn more about fast heartburn relief, Click this link for more info. There is enough here to really get anyone on the right path for relieving heartburn at night as well as throughout the day.