How To Afford The Dentist Without Insurance

The cost of dental insurance can be prohibitive for a lot of people. Sometimes, even when a group rate is offered by companies to their employees, it is still to expensive to maintain. This is a real problem, especially for families. Basic care, which includes cleanings, X-rays, and routine examinations, is often out of financial reach. A semi-annual cleaning can cost over one-hundred dollars, and complete rays can add up to nearly two-hundred dollars. Rather than pay all that money out of pocket, people tend to neglect their oral hygiene. That leads to cavities, infections, pain, bad breath, and gum disease.

What people fail to realize is that proper oral hygiene is an important factor to overall health. Neglect of the teeth can cause susceptibility to colds and flu, headaches, stomach problems, infections of the blood, liver and kidneys, heart issues, and poor circulation. So, the cost of insurance is too high, but the cost of poor oral hygiene is even higher, especially considering medical bills, recovery time, and sick days. How are people suppose to afford the dentist without dental insurance? It is possible with a dental discount plan. It is not insurance, so there are no limits to savings, no deductibles, and no contracts to sign. One low monthly cost provides subscribers and their families with discounts on dental procedures.

Those interested in immediate savings can view here for details and to sign up for the plan. Savings is between twenty and fifty percent, depending on the procedure. Cleanings, for example, are discounted at forty-five percent every time. Routine cleanings for a family is suddenly within the budget. Signing up is quick and easy, and savings begins immediately because a temporary card can be printed while the started kit is in the mail. There are over one-hundred thousand dentists nationwide that participant in the plan. Present the card at the appointment, and the discount is applied to the total bill. The website provides a list of dentists, gives details on the percentages for specific procedures, and includes links to several resources. Do not continue to avoid the dentist and place the health of the family at risk because of cost.