I Needed to Get My Life Back on Track with Some Help

When depression hit, it really affected my life. My thoughts and my body just seemed to fall apart. When I began seeing my way out of the mental fog, I noticed how much my body ached. My husband told me that I should see a chiropractor in San Jose to see if that would help. I though that was a good idea because I had been suffering in too many ways for far too long. < thought much about depression before I found out that I had it. I know that it is a popular topic, and many people I know have said they have it. But I could never really put myself in my shoes because I had never dealt with it before. But now that I have, I see why it affects people’s lives so much. I really get it now, and I can sympathize with anyone who has to go through it. I hope I never have to deal with it again in my lifetime because it really impeded so many things in my life.

One of the many symptoms that can come with being depressed is aches and pains. My shoulders, back, hips and more were hurting constantly. I realized it during the time I was down, but when I started to get better, I noticed the pain even more. It was frustrating to know that I was getting better mentally, but my body was now holding me back. I had to do something quickly.

The chiropractor knew exactly what to do to help me. I really did not expect at all to start feeling a different after my first appointment, but I did. I mentioned it to my husband when I got home, and he said that meant that I need to continue going. So, that is what I have done and it has been worth it for my mind and body.