Invisalign Will Transform the Appearance of Your Smile

If you have been longing for a straighter and more attractive smile, there are orthodontic treatment options that can help. One of the most-trusted types of treatments has always been braces. Unfortunately, many people are not always happy with having to wear metal braces. They are cumbersome and can interfere with your personal and professional life. Instead of having to wear metal braces, you can now be treated through clear Invisalign braces. With these braces, no one will know you are being treated.

What Can You Expect From Invisalign Treatments?

When it comes time for you to get Invisalign, you will first need to have X-rays done. The dentist will also take pictures of your smile. These will be used to plan your period of treatment and will also serve as a guide to gauge your progress. Impressions will be made of your teeth, so your aligner trays can be created.

The aligner trays are worn instead of you wearing metal braces. These clear trays are worn at all times and become invisible once they are on your teeth. You will wear each tray for a period of about two weeks. At the end of the two week period, the old aligner trays are thrown in the trash and you simply snap a new one in place.

As you wear each aligner tray, your teeth are moved towards being in their correct positions. This treatment takes place without pain and there is no need for you to have to go to the dentist to have your wires uncomfortably tightened. Most people have found this to be the most comfortable option for straightening teeth.

Unlike metal braces, you will not be limited in your activities or the foods you can eat. The only time you will need to remove the aligner tray is when you brush your teeth.

If you are ready to see your smile be transformed, but do not relish wearing metal braces, Invisalign may be for you. To find out if you are a good candidate for this treatment, contact Dr. Kiraj at Infinite Dental Wellness and schedule an appointment today.