Learn How to Boost Testosterone Naturally

Testosterone is an important hormone that is secreted in men and women. It is responsible for muscle development and strength as it helps to process protein. The sex drive is also one of its responsibilities and if testosterone levels are low these areas are also influenced.

Health issues and age can cause testosterone levels to be low. If you and your doctor have safely ruled out underlying health issues, here’s how to raise testosterone naturally.


Eating a plant based diet rich with certain minerals will help boost testosterone. Foods rich in B-complex, namely B5, B6 and B12 help the body to naturally produce testosterone. Eggs, avocados, and fish are a few examples of food that contain high levels of vitamin B. Other foods that promote healthy testosterone levels, include tomatoes, apples, red peppers and pineapples.

Folic acid and zinc is also important when targeting testosterone levels. Zinc also helps with sperm production. Shellfish, and oysters are a good way to get these minerals. However, zinc supplements are equally as effective if seafood isn’t agreeable to your system.

Omega 3 helps to fight SHBG, which is the protein that’s responsible for lowering testosterone. Fish oil in high in omega 3 and is another natural way to boost levels and is most commonly consumed via a supplement. A 500 mg supplement is usually all you need.


Decreasing body fat will help raise testosterone. Eliminating sugary foods and foods high in fat will also help with reducing body fat.

Cardio and resistance training are other ways to reduce body fat and increase muscle mass. Running, swimming and weight lifting are good examples. Incorporate a routine that includes 20 minutes each of cardio and strength training four times a week to stimulate testosterone production.

Get More Sleep

Experts agree that poor sleep can disturb the body’s hormone levels. Seven to eight hours of sleep a night is the recommendation.

Make a healthy lifestyle, which includes more sleep, a priority. Artificial hormone therapy can cause side effects so natural is always best. Although natural, these suggestions may not be for everyone. Check with your doctor first, particularly if you are allergic to fish and other minerals.