Questions to Ask Before Getting Treated By a Chiropractor

If you have neck or back pain, you might consider seeing a chiropractor. A chiropractor is a professional who uses spinal manipulation to reduce pain. The goal of this non-invasive, drug-free approach is to preserve, restore, and optimize a person’s health. Although there are many chiropractors you can go to, you should always consider the doctor’s rapport and style of treatment, before choosing one.

Finding a Chiropractor

A referral can come in handy when you’re looking for a chiropractor. Maybe friends or family members can recommend a trustworthy, competent specialist. You can also ask a physical therapist, or your family doctor, whether they know of a chiropractor with a good reputation. If all else fails, an online search might provide patient reviews that can help you find a good chiropractor. Each person might perceive chiropractic treatment differently. Therefore, a recommendation doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve found the right specialist for you. To do this, more research will be needed.

Questions to Ask the Chiropractor

Before getting treated, interview the chiropractor. Most chiropractors master various chiropractic techniques. Some perform joint manipulation with instruments, while others use their hands. Inquire which technique the specialist would recommend for you, based on your condition. Find out how many years the chiropractor has been practicing, and how many people with similar problems as yours he has treated. Ideally, the doctor takes time to answer all your questions, makes you feel at ease, and has a good rapport. You can find out more about chiropractors and the services they offer at

Questions to Ask the Front Office

The front office is the business card of the practice, and basically gives you a first impression. The front office should appear clean and organized, and the staff should be welcoming and friendly.Check whether the practice takes your insurance plan, and inquire about costs and payment methods. Other questions you can ask can pertain to wait times, appointment policies, treatment discounts, and satisfaction guarantees.

After doing some research, you might find a doctor who you like. Ideally, he’s been practicing for several years, is familiar with treating your condition, and has a friendly rapport. His front office staff should be helpful and welcoming, and ideally, your first consultation is free. From the moment you step into the chiropractic clinic, you should feel at ease, knowing that you are in the right hands.