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Freezing unwanted body fats to cause them to die and eliminated by the body through a non-surgical treatment is called non-invasive fat reduction. To become more confident and optimistic about their body, a lot of people has opted to undergo this procedure to get rid of unwanted weight The leg, arm and abdomen are areas where a lot of people find it hard to lose fats from. Sometimes, diet and exercise are just not enough to perfectly shape these areas. That is why some resolve to undergo treatment and procedures to achieve their desired figure. A large percentage of these people choose to go for non-surgical treatments such as non-invasive fat reduction than surgery due to the high risks entailed by the latter.

When considering to get a non-invasive fat reduction, you should select a doctor that you trust. The things that you should consider when choosing your doctor are his education and training, experience with the procedure and your level of confidence and comfort with the doctor. Schedule an appointment the doctor’s clinic to organize an initial consultation with him. Use this consultation to discuss your expectation and cosmetic goals with the doctor. You will be evaluated if you are a good candidate for the non-invasive fat reduction and discuss what the procedure will do for you. The consultation will also involve the discussion of your medical history including your current medications, allergies and medical condition.

To selectively lessen fat layers, non-invasive fat reduction uses an advanced technology to freeze the fat cells. Non-invasive fat reduction uses advanced cooling technology to freeze and reduce fat layers selectively. During the treatment, all you need to is to sit or lie down comfortably while a paddle-like applicator attached to a hose sends regulated cooling to the chosen area and targets only the subcutaneous layer. After a few minutes into the procedure, an intense cold sensation can be felt. This sensation is completely expected and will lessen as the area becomes numb. This treatment, considering the amount of work to be done, may take one to three hours. During the entire time, you may resume normal activities like using your phone, reading or taking a nap.

A noticeable measure of fat can be noticed in people who underwent the procedure as early as three weeks from the treatment. The results carry on over an extent of three months. Although many patients get results from only one session, additional procedures might give even more enhanced effects. The fats are eliminated by the non-invasive fat reduction procedure for good. The results of the procedure will have long-lasting effects as long as a healthy lifestyle is maintained. At the arranged schedule after the procedure or at any time you see any changes in the treated areas, you should pay your doctor a visit. Aside from safety, a healthy and beautiful outcome can be assured by doing a follow-up consultation.