Switch From Green Tea To Matcha Powder For More Benefits

Green tea is one of the best ways to add vitamins and antioxidants to the body. It’s been shown to help reduce cancer risks and other diseases, such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. Others studies have shown its ability to work as a fat burner and fight infections. Harvard Health Publications have boasted about the values of consuming green tea on a regular basis. They suggest drinking at least one cup of tea per day and have noted the benefits of living in a green tea drinking society that consumes approximately three cups per day. Recently, a new green tea product has hit the shelves called matcha powder. This powder is a more concentrated form of green tea.

Tazo matcha green tea powder is one popular option for consumers who want to reap greater benefits from green tea leaves. This powder can be added to tea, smoothies, lattes, and other beverages for consumption. Other recipes incorporate matcha into sauces, such as pesto, and pastries. The taste of matcha can be a bit unsettling for new drinkers who haven’t been drinking green tea in the past. However, by adding the substance with other ingredients, it can easily be incorporated into the diet and have a subtle, inviting flavor.

Matcha powdered tea is better than regular green tea, because it allows tea drinkers to consume the entire leaf rather than just the brewed tea water. Many matcha studies have shown that by drinking one matcha cup of tea is the equivalent of drinking ten cups of green tea. This is an enormous difference.

Some studies involving the tea’s benefits might seem counter-intuitive at first glance. For example, one study may show that people drink matcha for its ability to enhance a person’s energy and focus for long periods of time. Another study shows that the effects of matcha are calming. How can a person be calmed and attentive at the same time? These studies overlap in how the matcha substance enhances a person’s mood. By benefiting the body, the matcha also improves the mind. Consumers can feel more relaxed and productive. Japanese monks have been shown to drink matcha powdered tea before meditating to create a better practice.