Tea Tree Oil: All Purpose Health and Cleaning Solution?

Fresh-smelling tea tree oil looks like a delicate, golden potion that would be ideal for aromatherapy. In fact, the hard-working liquid can do that a much more. Derived from an Australian tree, it is an essential oil that is used to treat a variety of minor health problems. The same product also makes an ideal all-purpose cleaner that leaves a fresh, camphor-like odor.

Although tea tree oil begins life in Australia, it is sold worldwide and available online, at sites like Amazon.com. Fine manufacturers such as Apothecary Extracts offer pure versions that can be customized for dozens of uses. Customers adapt the oil as a health aid and cleaning agent.

Common Health Uses:

  • Dry Scalp: Oil can be applied to the hair to reduce flaking and dandruff.
  • Infections: Many apply it to cuts and burns to help healing.
  • Colds: Tea tree oil may be added to vaporizers, to reduce congestion. It is also considered an antiviral.
  • Acne: When oil is patted onto the skin, it helps reduce inflammation and heal acne.
  • Lice: The oil helps kill lice when added to shampoo.

Typical Cleaning Solutions:

  • Create an all-around cleaner by combining the oil with water and adding it to a spray bottle.
  • Clean bathroom tiles by adding kosher salt to oil to create a spray.
  • Kill bathroom mold by spraying tea tree oil and water onto surfaces.
  • Sanitize children’s areas with an oil and water spray.
  • Repel insects by spraying areas with 15 drops of the in a gallon of water.

Many customers create their own products using tea tree oil as a base. Those who are worried about harsh or toxic ingredients in commercial products may use the oil to create their own fresh-smelling lotions, body washes, toothpaste, and facial cleansers. The finest oils often include booklets or instructions with suggestions and instructions.

Tea tree oil is natural, fresh-smelling product that can be adapted for many purposes. It may be used to cure dozens of health problems and customized for use in cleaning. Customers who want all-natural, safe products even use it as a base for their own home-made products.