The Effectiveness of Tea Tree Oil

4 ounce tea tree oil is extracted from a tree known as the Maleleuca, originally from Australia. The natives of the area have always used it to treat respiratory problems and disinfect wounds and cuts. Later on, the modern world discovered other uses for tea tree oil, thanks to scientific advances. The essential oil of a tea tree has triple the effect of a normal antiseptic: it acts against bacteria, fungi and viruses and is great as an antiviral, anti-inflammatory and expectorant. The world recognizes this oil as an antiseptic, fungicidal and anti-acneic. Here are some common uses for tea tree oil.

One of the main features of tea tree oil are its anti-microbial properties, which means in simple words: against bacteria. Therefore, it serves very well for treating mild to moderate acne. Studies have proven their effectiveness, the effects take a little longer but are highly effective and with fewer side effects compared to pharmaceutical treatments for acne. It should be diluted in water for direct contact with the skin because the oil itself can be very strong.

Anyone who has experienced toenail fungus knows how difficult it is to treat it, as it is very persistent. Fungus lasts a long time and will limit the use of sandals because they look so ugly. Existing treatments include taking pills for months, but these are very harmful to the liver and they still do not guarantee results. Applying the oil directly on the nail of the problem consistently (3-4 times daily) will significantly accelerate healing. If you notice irritation, dilute it with a little water. Remember, be consistent!

The antibacterial properties of tea tree oil also work to combat the symptoms of respiratory infections. It’s safe to use with antibiotics. To relieve these types of symptoms, take a large pot of water and boil it. Then remove it from the heat, add 2-3 drops of oil to a cloth and put it over your head to inhale the vapors. It is great against congestion, sore throat and runny nose. Keep in mind that these are only a few of the many uses for tea tree oil.