What Is Likely Causing Your Ringing In The Ears

Tinnitus is a condition that many suffer both temporarily (light ringing in the ears that goes away eventually) and permanent (inner ear damage that causes a permanent ringing in the ears due to a misreading of one of the fine hairs that make up the inner ears ‘translation’ software). If one of these hairs bends and breaks (or just bends) it is akin to a microphone that squelches but it never stops. If this happens there is no cure or surgery you can get that will fix the problem.

The only thing you can do at that point is manage the pain by watching your diet, loud noises/headphones, and watching your stress/blood pressure levels. Often blood pressure is a good barometer of where you stand because you can usually backtrack what caused the blood pressure hike and thus figure out what is causing the tinnitus. Often it’s too much sodium/salt and sugar or overzealous amounts of caffeine (energy drinks for example).

Tinnitus is, for many, an avoidable ailment.

What causes ringing in the ears? Many of the causes of tinnitus stem from lifestyle choices. Many musical artists, for example, choose to record and listen back to music at high volumes all the time. This can cause the inner ear’s delicate balance to go out of sync and eventually causes permanent ringing/pressure in the ears.

Another problem is how people eat. Today’s foods contain so much salt (sodium) and even MSG that it’s almost unavoidable unless your very careful about what you eat, read labels,  and monitoring your intake of sugar, MSG, alcohol, caffeine and  Aspartame/artificial sweeteners (often found in diet drinks and cheap soda). The aforementioned list is not only the cause of a disbalance in the inner ear that leads to ringing/tinnitus; it’s also the cure (moderating consumption, eliminating consumption if possible).

Weather you have tinnitus or not, watching these things can drastically help you avoid getting the dis-ease. If you have a permanent form of tinnitus you can manage the pain levels and audible levels of the ringing by simply avoiding salt, alcohol, caffeine, MSG, and sugar/sweeteners. The worse the ringing or condition the more powerful watching your diet will become in finding some relief. Even temporary versions of tinnitus can be caused by a plethora of circumstances and often can be alleviated (cured?) by following the steps in this article.