What to Consider When Shopping for Mixing Accessories for Your Business

Mixing products together can be time consuming and hard work. It is important for you to have the equipment you need to make mixing items together as easy as possible. While you could do it by hand, this can take a lot of time and keep you from focusing on other more important aspects of your company. You can buy commercial grade mixers that will automate this process for you and save you time and elbow grease. Make sure you are getting quality mixers that you can trust to provide reliable results by using the following three tips. It will ensure you are spending your money wisely and make your company easier to manage.Motor Size It is important to purchase a mixing unit that will provide you with the power needed to thoroughly mix the items your company uses. If you only mix items that are thinner in consistency, like that of water, then a smaller motor will get the job done. If you mix items that are more viscous, such as paint or concrete, you should get a mixer that has a powerful motor that will not burn out or not mix your liquids adequately.Power SourceYou should also determine what kind of power source you would like to use for your mixing motor. While electric is the most common, you can also choose to get a pneumatic unit that can be powered using an air compressor. While the air powered unit may be more efficient, it does require the use of an air compressor and does not offer the same flexibility as an electric unit.Agitator Shaft SizeMeasure the depth of the containers you use to mix liquids, and ensure the mixing shaft is long enough to accommodate your container. If it isn’t, it can prevent the liquids from fully mixing and lead to settling in the bottom that can affect the quality and consistency of the final product.Don’t let your mixing needs go unchecked any longer. If you are ready to make mixing your products together easier, make sure you browse the White Mountain Process website. They have a wide selection of white mountain process mixers available, so you are sure to get exactly what you need. Contact them today to find out how affordable it can be to upgrade your equipment.