Why Senior Travel Is Big Business

For all of the ideas that seniors just say home all day and spend their time living in home care in Kingston, the truth is that seniors are more mobile and on the move than ever before. Studies have shown that seniors are traveling more than ever, both domestically and internationally. While seniors have always been known to travel, especially early in their retirement, seniors have actually becoming such a large market in recent years that travel tour companies have spending a good amount of their marketing budget looking to bring in new senior customers. For those looking for reasons for this, here are four specific reasons why travel companies are focusing on senior customers:

Seniors Are Living Longer

Seniors are living longer than they ever have before. Of course, it isn’t just that seniors are living longer it is also that they are living better lives, meaning that they have more qualities years where they feel comfortable not just traveling around their state, but also around the world. Because seniors are in better health than ever before and willing to travel, travel tour companies recognize this.

They Have More Disposable Income

As the economy has been in shambles during the last decade, fewer and fewer people have had disposable income to travel. Those with disposable income are typically the biggest targets for travel tour companies, as they are willing to take at least one major trip per year. One of the few cross-sections of people who have had disposable income to use for travel in the past decade have been seniors, who have either collected a large enough nest egg to live comfortably, or get a set amount of money each month that they know are coming to them. Either way, they are the ones who tend to travel.

They Tend To Know What They Want

Unlike a lot of younger travelers who have dreams of traveling but may not know where they want to go, seniors have a tendency to know what they want, and when they want to go. With this in mind, tour companies can put together tours that work specifically for their senior travelers, making them as attractive as possible for those who are looking to travel certain places and times.

They Respond To Discounts

Statistically, discounts make a big difference in the way that people travel. While travel tour companies do offer discounts to the public, a lot of times they send out specific discounts to the types of people that are more apt to travel. With this in mind, you better believe that they send out senior discounts to travelers because they work.