You Can Remove Your Unwanted Upper Lip Hair Permanently

One of the biggest hair embarrassments for women is having hair on the upper lip or chin. Unfortunately, some women are hairier than others and can develop unwanted facial hair when puberty strikes or through menopause. Though there are many ways women can remove this unwanted hair, most methods are ineffective and can cause embarrassing five o’clock shadow. When shaving, waxing and depilatories have become too much to deal with, many women turn to Upper lip IPL hair removal treatments.

IPL technology is allowing people to get rid of their unwanted hair anywhere on their body. This laser therapy can be used even on sensitive areas like the upper lip and bikini line. Unlike with shaving, there is no fast regrowth or embarrassing stubble to deal with. In fact, the hair can stay gone for years at a time or even permanently.

IPL treatments used cool lasers that produce intense beams of light energy. This energy is sent down in the hair follicles where the hair effectively absorbs it. Though these treatments remove unwanted hair by destroying it and shrinking the follicle, the treatment is not for everyone. Those with blond, red and gray hair will not receive positive results since melanin needs to be present in the hair for the laser to be absorbed.

Women who want to remove their upper lip hair through IPL will most likely need a few sessions to ensure all of the follicles are properly treated. This is because hair grows in stages and some follicles may not be in an active growth stage at the time of treatment. Active growth needs to be going on in the follicle to ensure there is enough melanin to be absorbed by the laser.

IPL offers the most effective way to remove hair from different areas of the body. Many women have been able to remove their hair permanently through this treatment. Those who are interested in IPL technology should contact their salon and schedule an appointment right away. Being able to say goodbye to other hair removal chores makes this treatment attractive to people of all ages. Learn more about IPL to decide if it is a viable option for your hair removal needs.